Samstag | 07.09.19  
Vergangene Show
19:00   (Tür 18:00)
Ort zeigen
Schaubude Berlin | Greifswalder Str. 81-84, 10405

Special highlight during Klang der Dinge / The Sound of Things – festival for experimental music and object theatre

Back in Berlin after almost 10 years: The Vegetable Orchestra! Pumpkin drum, carrot flute, celery bongo, and pepper horn are among the instruments that the Vegetable Orchestra develops and plays. The musicians rebuild their instruments made of fresh vegetables for each concert. Her music knows no boundaries: from contemporary music and experimental electronics to free jazz and noise.

Before the vegetable concert will be an open air concert by the renowned Berlin echtzeit musicians Anais Tuerlinckx, Burkhard Beins and Marta Zapparoli.

More object sound performances and installations are part of the evening programme, too.

After the concert, the orchestra invites you to join in the vegetable soup.

Full programme: