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Glimpse into what lies ahead and peek into yesteryear with Sub Liminal #2: a CTM 2020 Future Prequel. A slew of boundary-defying artists arrive at Trauma Bar und Kino for a night of uncompromising, outrageous sounds.

Fela Gucci and Desire Marea, better known as FAKA take on post-apartheid homophobia, transphobia, and masculinity, via “an intoxicating potion of gqom, pop, gospel and ancient rhythms, often danced out in a hyper-sexual blur of New York ballroom and ancestral African styles,” (The Quietus) as heard on EPs such as Bottoms Revenge and Amaqhawe.

KABLAM’s productions have been described as “a brutalist concoction of the sledgehammer and the spiritual.” (The Guardian) From the lilting hardcore of 2016’s Furiosa to the spiralling chaos of Confusía, KABLAM’s output is reliably raw.

Discwoman affiliate DJ Haram is a producer and DJ who throws down for Jersey, Philly, and Baltimore with club and booty bounce sets, but has also been known to pay homage to her roots in the traditions of Middle Eastern music and DIY noise scenes. Earlier this year, she released Grace via Hyperdub, a release which was described as being “at times so focused and earth-shakingly forceful that it’s a little intimidating.” (Resident Advisor)

Pininga is a São Paulo-based DJ and producer, one third of Baile Furioso, and one quarter of Club Tormenta, and is also affiliated with South American label NAAFI, the Stockholm-based Staycore, as well as queer MC Linn da Quebrada.

This event is a prequel to CTM Festival 2020 – Liminal which will take place across multiple Berlin venues, running from January 24 – February 2. We will begin announcing the line-up in October so make sure to RSVP and not miss out on the news.

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