Montag | 02.03.20  
Vergangene Show
20:00   (Tür 18:00)
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Alter Roter Löwe Rein | Richardstraße, 12043

Masters of their trade: The three soon to be brothers met in Hamburg where Alain Croubalian was working on Dostoïewski. Crime and Punishment, you can say, gave birth to their weird brand of atmosphere somewhere between soul, chanson, country and dark calypso. The critics spoke of Siberian blues. But most of all they play weird acoustic and electric instruments. That’s what musicians do; well used to do.
Dead Alain, of Dead Brother’s fame had met Digger Barnes in Berlin, where he played in the gallery of the SO36. The “moustache”, the double bass and the sad country stories turned Stanley. Friedrich Paravicini, alias Mosquito Hopkins, is master musician in many forms: from cello to the Ondes Martenot, harmonica or vibraphone; you just name it. He turned Stanley too.
This European island combo plays the great tunes of calypso, sad acoustic ditties and Dead Alain’s weirdest songs, the soul of the lost Armenians howling in the mist. They are looking for the best lounge atmospheres in the world. Exotica with a new dark twist.
(Text by Marcus Aurelius Littler, the underground filmmaker.)

Alain Croubalian: vocals, guitar, banjo
Digger Barnes: upright bass
Friedrich Paravicini: piano, vibraphone, therevox, cello