Samstag | 24.08.19  
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Wasserspeicher | Belforter Straße, 10405 Berlin
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bohemian drips. presents: speicher III
23. & 24. August 2019

Speicher is a festival for site-specific music in the big water reservoir of Berlin-Pankow, curated by bohemian drips since 2017. The third issue features two world premieres on two days by Tomoko Sauvage and Thomas Ankersmit, composed exclusively for the long-lasting reverberation of the space itself. Both performances will be guided by a similar conceptual approach that incorporates the interaction between music, architecture and visual accentuation.

fri 23rd, 9pm
Tomoko Sauvage (JAP)
• „Waterbowls“; a piece that uses the space itself, hydrophonic feedbacks and water-filled ceramic bowls to create complex sonic structures

sat 24th, 9pm
Thomas Ankersmit (NED)
• „Perceptual Geography II“; a composition for a serge modular system based on the work and psychoacoustic reasearch of Maryanne Amacher

× visual design by Gen.Pi

× information on tickets, timetable, pre-sale, capacity & admittance soon

× address

Großer Wasserspeicher, Prenzlauer Berg
access via Belforter Str., 10405 Berlin
maps: bit.ly/speicher_location

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× funded by Musicboard Berlin GmbH & Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin: Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, FB Kunst und Kultur
× supported by Förderband e. V.
× questions? write us: [email protected]