Freitag | 20.03.20  
Vergangene Show
20:30   (Tür 20:00)
Ort zeigen
Weichselstr. 48 | Weichselstr. 48, 12045

Pink Shabab brings his lo-fi disco and heartbreak funk-pop to Berlin for the first time on 20th March 2020.
The former Batsch member has played bass for the likes Laetitia Sadier, Sandro Perri, Peter Zummo, Marker Starling and John Southworth and last year made his debut solo album, ‚Ema By The Sea‘, released on Berlin’s Karaoke Kalk Records in November 2019. He will play solo with drum machines, keyboards and
electric bass, playing songs from the debut album along with brand new music.

Ist das nun psychedelische Lounge Music, Dream Pop oder entschleunigter, zugleich luftiger, angejazzter Discopop?
Arrangiert sind die Songs um Carvells Instrument, den Bass herum.
Wohl deshalb klingen sie groovy und geerdet zugleich: ein toller Alltagsbegleiter. (tip 12/2019)