Donnerstag | 20.06.19  
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20:00   (Tür 19:00)
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Maze | Mehringdamm 61, 10961

Narval Orquesta is a chilean music ensemble of nine musicians. They present an eclectic fusion of genres throughout their compositions, ranging from art pop, experimental rock, free jazz, electroacoustic music and various influences of contemporary classical music. Through their music they propose a critique and revision of the current musical forms, bringing together aspects of the popular music with more radical proposals, like free jazz, spectral music procedures or free improvisation, breaking down the conceptual gap that has existed between these genres for much of the history of contemporary music. In this way their compositions wonders which are the new limits and problems that afflict the development of music today and what are the existing crossings between popular music and written tradition, combining different heterogeneous elements in the same sound universe.


Berlin-based multimedia artist Diane Barbé combines experimental synthesis, field recordings, voice and acoustic instruments to explore the realms of dreams and storytelling. Her performance becomes a contemplative time machine, slowing down and speeding up our relative sense of time in these gently decaying landscapes. “Birds and bats enlarged, insects up-close in running water, imprinted on the retinae as the dreamer blinks and sighs”. As a flutist, she is drawn towards minimalism, live looping, and microtonal harmonies. Diane released a solo tape with Californian label Jungle Gym called The River by the Tree (JGT30, 2019). She is currently training as a documentary recordist and acoustic ecologist.



G. Lucas Crane is a sound artist, performer, and musician whose work focuses on information anxiety, media confusion, and new performance techniques for obsolete technology. In New York City he has latley haunted/performed at The Stone, Museum of Art and Design, Pioneer Works, Roulette, Issue Project Room and the Brooklyn Museum. He was a 2011 LMCC Swing Space Resident Artist and received the NYSCA Individual Artist Commission for sound design for the theater piece This Was The End, for which he received a Henry Hewes Award and a Bessie nomination. He has lent his unique sonic approach to music nsembles Woods, Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice, Ogg Myst, Fox Crane Bear, and his solo project Nonhorse. He is a co-founder of the Silent Barn, an experimental art and performance space in Bushwick, Brooklyn.