Mittwoch | 19.12.18  
Vergangene Show
20:00   (Tür 19:30)
Ort zeigen
The Workshop | Forster Str. 51, 10999

Lun Ario and Gubiann will do a performative concert using a flame, coffee machines, tape machines, samplers, diy instruments, effect pedals, etc.

We are going to stray from our usual format of having a performance with live musical accompaniment to a live concert with performance elements. We are aiming to be playful, with moments of beauty in the midst of controlled chaos.

We come from the DIY and self-taught spectrum of getting things done and have been organising events and playing ourselves music which is usually described as noise // drone // ambient // experimental and definetely improvised.

more: www.strangesavagelives.net