Donnerstag | 06.02.20  
Vergangene Show
20:30   (Tür 20:00)
Ort zeigen
Watt | Metzer Str. 9, 10405

Pattern Dissection with

Farida Amadou (Electric Bass)
– solo –


Farida Amadou (Electric Bass)
Liz Kosack (Keys)
Dag Magnus Narvesen (Drums)

Pattern Dissection is excited to host another concert on February 6th 2020 with FARIDA AMADOU solo and a first-time trio with LIZ KOSACK & DAG MAGNUS NARVESEN — live at WATT on Metzer Straße 9, 10405 Berlin.

Farida will play a solo set on electric bass, which is something she does extremely well and in unexpected ways. In groups she regularly performs with Tom Malmendier & Timothée Quost as well as Steve Noble, with whom she formed two high-energy improv groups: BAN featuring Peter Brötzmann, and MAN featuring Thurston Moore.

Her set will be followed by a new trio formation with Liz Kosack and Dag Magnus Narvesen:

Liz plays the keyboards, builds her own masks and wears them on stage when performing, which she mostly does in her trio VAX, spontaneously created groups, or solo. She also produces romantic dinner music for lunatics with light improv as RRR. Last year she won the prestigious SWR Jazzpreis for her incredible work.

Dag Magnus is a drummer and percussionist who is perfectly completing the trio with his very dynamic and harmonic drum playing. He cut his teeth in too many collaborations to mention — however, he played and still plays regularly with Alexander von Schlippenbach and Aki Takase, is part of the MOVE Quintet, the band DAMANA and leads his own Kvintett.

Please consider attending this show for a night of ad hoc, spontaneous music which might even slap you in the face with a groove or two. We sincerely hope to see you there.

Pattern Dissection is a monthly radio show on Cashmere Radio. For more information please visit http://patterndissection.org.

Admittance to the concert is free, but we kindly ask you to prepare for a donation to the artists. Thank you.