Samstag | 18.01.20  
Vergangene Show
21:00   (Tür 16:00)
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Arkaoda | Karl-Marx-Platz 16-18, 12043

Join Concentration as they cut the ribbon on their second album „I’m Not What I Was“ on Avon Terror Corps as the Bristol label’s first foray into the exotic world of “non-Bristol music”. in the ravishing company of:

Debmaster: Whose album with MC Yallah billed high on every 2019 list from Wire to FACT and whose been spun by both Björk and Aphex Twin. Cheeky low-slung slammers like a subbed up Peder Mannerfelt.

Darcy Baylis: the chameleonic breakbeat/techno/trap/cloud rap/pop Melbourne mainstay who also once released a string quartet album makes his long-awaited Berlin debut.

And for afters, sky hi-NRG from Samara Cooper (Melbourne via Milano) and cracking bass from Chago (SP) aka CODEX CLUB CEO.

On Album:

Global Terror Corps gets minted with Aussie/deutsch swamp beat trio Concentration. ‘I’m Not What I Was’ is 4 offerings of hi-NRG electro-riot / trash-smut: full spat in yer face lyrical obtuseness taking a hatchet to the male ego via Jewish body-dysmorphia and basically the best riot grrrl cover of the modern age.

I’m Not What I Was EP delves further into the fever dreams and grim paradoxes of Concentration’s debut album (Premature). For added bonanza, all USBs come exclusively packaged with the live concert vid/wav for their one-off sprawl of ambient dank ‘Masterclass of Wellbeing: The Boardroom Retreat’ performed at the Tote in Melbourne.

As a live spectacle: Concentration are a tight hot mess of punk-vaudeville couple’s therapy and crushing acid machine electronica (now with added egodeath and rousing choruses).

Concentration are Zachariah Kupferminc, Matt Sativa and Thrush – a combined cultural initiative between Melbourne and Cottbus, East Germany, now based in Berlin.

Global Terror Corps is a new subsidiary of Avon Terror Corps, set up to release relevant music from outside the Avon area.