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Admission: 7 pm
Start: 8 pm

On the eve of the official release, CEEYS, Sebastian and Daniel Selke present the first pieces from their new work.

The yearning for the humble Eldorado of her childhood – the island „HIDDENSEE“ – is the fourth album and photography project of the award-winning duo.

The Potsdam-based East-Berlin brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke cultivate an extended version of their characteristic acoustic-electronic style: with cello, piano, effects and Eastern Synthesisern – packed in minimalist experimental, yet catchy improvisations between avant-garde and pop, the elements combined with jazz, ambient and classical chamber music.

In the 90s, the two commuted with their parents – taking advantage of the sudden freedom of travel – between East Germany and „the rest of the world“. Enriched and irritated by the variety of impressions, at once grateful and wistful, they finally wished to return to their small island in the middle of the Baltic Sea: Hiddensee.

This turning point stands for a new modesty and humility that has been noticeably relaxed, finding its roots in the day-to-day administration and creative overcoming of all shortcomings in GDR times – and remains an inexhaustible source of creativity until today:

„Growing up in the last decade of the former GDR, we try to process our memories, impressions and feelings of this hybrid time in our publications.“ – CS

The presentation of this travel album takes place in the club of the historical hotel The Grand.
Berlin, Mitte