Freitag | 14.02.20  
Vergangene Show
20:00   (Tür 19:00)
Schmutz x Greyzone Present
Ort zeigen
Badehaus | Revaler Strasse 99, (auf dem RAW-Gelände, Zugang Höhe Simon-Dach-Str.)
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Candice Gordon ‚The Sacramental Traffic Lights‘ Release Show
14.02.2020 Badehaus Berlin
with support: Landers

Einlass: 19:00 / Beginn: 20:00

… präsentiert von: GreyZone Concerts & Promotion and Schmutz

Candice Gordon announces the release of her new EP ‚The Sacramental Traffic Lights‘ on the 7th February with a release show in Berlin’s Badehaus on the 14th of February.

“She’s possessed of a voice like poisoned black molasses trickling down the side of a jewel-encrusted goblet held in the gnarly claw of Beelzebub himself” – Hotpress

“Agreeably bonkers slice of horror-themed garage rock raucousness” – The Guardian

“Woozy, immersive” – The Independent UK

“Brooding atmospheric songwriting packed with ominous poetics and powerful vocals.”Clash

“Sweetly dark folk-tinged music, like ‘Murder Ballads’ era Bad Seeds.”Time Out London