Sonntag | 16.09.18  
Vergangene Show
20:30   (Tür 20:00)
Ort zeigen
Spektrum | Bürknerstraße 12, 12047 Berlin, Germany

Organised in collaboration with and with kind support of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Berlin (Slovenski kulturni center Berlin / Slowenisches Kulturzentrum Berlin)
In celebration of the 45 years of artistic career of Bogdana Herman

Bogdana Herman and Nina Dragi?evi? – The becoming of a body, the becoming of a folk song
electro-acoustic sound performance

A folk song, in Slovene /ljudska pesem/, is more often than not considered as a most simple tune with equaly simple lyrics on simple and common themes. Not in a sense that complexity is imperative, but that the common perception of a folk song swindles it out of its inherent complexity. But, is it really so, or is it that the dynamics of cultural and artistic flows, the presence of the so-called high culture have contributed to the banalisation of a folk song? In our sound performance, we will deconstruct a single folk song, and then construct it from its smallest pieces – individual sounds, breaths, vowels – towards syllables, melodical and rhythmical fragments that lead to revelation of most gentle, sometimes sinister, but in any sense current lyrical expressions, and finally into a polyphonic composition. There is a certain specific to those sounds. They come from the body, from flesh and bones, from the mind-flows and their manifestations in movement, eruption, and continuation. That is what a folk song really is: a song which comes precisely from one´s wholesome, vibrant body. Those sounds, the sounds of one´s living body, its beat and melody during its attempt to express its thought in a song, will be an important constitutive element of our performance. The body in a folk song will thus be revealed as an already audible, if not loud socio-political entity, spread through centuries to the current times.

Container Doxa – Audiovisual performance
Container Doxa are an a/v entity, set on moulding the protocols of free improvisation with contemporary sound. The keywords for the bands sonic and visual horizons are improvisation, palm trees, futurism, contemporary jazz, hope, despair and neon lights. The crew of Container Doxa features:

Žiga Murko (beats, trombone)
Boštjan Simon (saxophone, samplers)
Domen Gnezda (guitar, modular synthesizers)
Domen Bohte (electric bass)
Tine Grgurevi? (keyboards)
Matic Sterle (visuals)
Dré Ho?evar (artistic direction)
Anže Zorman (operations).

Bogdana Herman has been and remains the first voice of contemporary Slovene folk music for more than three decades. Contrary to many of her contemporaries, who, in the turbulent 60s of the 20th century, became an avant-garde artistic movement and bloomed into the sphere of comfortable culture, Bogdana still borders today and sets out new guidelines for folk music. In the new millennium, ballads, which were sung in the trio Terlep and later as a soloist and performer, also popularized younger generations of new folk musicians and became an indispensable part of their repertoire. Bogdana’s flexible, crystalline voice, which we are accustomed to listen to in solo interpretations, has, in recent years, wrapped up with such a varied fan of sounds as the cymbals Andy Sobo?an, accordion Jure Tori, guitar Tomaž Pengov and digital pulse of computer Borut Savski. In all constellations it sounds the same convincing, subtle, experienced and fresh. http://novamuska.org/?p=2596

Nina Dragi?evi? (b. 1984)
is a composer, sound artist and a writer. Her sound work spreads from live sound performances and field recording to large-scale sound installations, all of which have been exhibited or performed accross Slovenia, and abroad. In 2016, her album Parallellax was released at Kamizdat Records, and her next album is due in 2019. Nina is the author of three books: Med njima je glasba: Glasba v konstrukciji lezbi?ne scene (en. The music between them: Music in construction of lesbian spaces, 2017), Slavne neznane: Zvo?ne umetnice v konstrukciji družbe (en. Famous Unknowns: Women sound artists in construction of society, 2016), and a novel Kdo ima druge skrbi (en. Who has other worries, 2014). Furthermore, she is the author of a radio show Famous Unknowns at Radio Študent, essayist and critic for Odzven magazine, co-editor of literary journal Idiot, and the artistic director of Topographies of sound festival and symposium. More info: www.ninadragicevic.com