Donnerstag | 07.03.19  
Vergangene Show
20:00   (Tür 19:00)
Ort zeigen
Watt | Metzer Str. 9, 10405


Alison Blunt – violin
Andrew Lisle – drums
Chino Shuichi – piano

Alison Blunt (London, UK) is a classically trained violinist, improviser and composer – exploring the boundaries between art forms and genres and creating, performing and recording new music. She is collaborating with a diverse array of creative artists in spontaneous encounters as well as recurring groups.

Andrew Lisle (London, UK) is a drummer working in the field of jazz and improvised music. He strives to create music within the avant-garde, pushing the limits of what is possible on the drums (technically and musically) while drawing influence from the jazz tradition.

Chino Shuichi (Tokyo, JP) is a piano/keyboard player, currently living in Berlin. After playing with a variety of groups in popular commercial/non-commercial groups, numerous collaborations with dance, butoh, theatre and movies as well as working with programming and installations, he now mainly improvises on his instrument of choice.

The three of them will be playing together for the first time.

Free entrance – collection during the show. A contribution of 5-12€ is expected.

Pattern Dissection is a monthly broadcast on Cashmere Radio focusing on free jazz and improvised music.